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Table Sample
Ref Position Industry Description Area/Salary Link
Giant eCommerce in Japan hire Japanese-speaking Corporate associates at graduate level eCommerce Amazon Japan Corporate is now hiring for
exciting new associate level positions across several locations
Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Japan
¥3,400,000 –
42809 Engineering role in Electronic
connectors & semiconductor (Careers)
Electrical machinery and automotive Design the probe head and socket used in the semiconductor front-end process & Development of automotive antenna Kanagawa, Japan
¥4,500,000 / Year + Benefits
43042 Project Engineer (Careers) Manufacturing system design, budget, and equipment selection Corona, California
$50k - $100k /Year
42841 Software Engineer - Automotive sensing software (Career) Manufacturing Multiple software positions - Application development, Machine learning, software development Kanagawa, Japan
¥4,500,000 - ¥7,000,000 / Year

Cross Border Recruitment-Japan helps Japanese-speakers and students from all over the world to find work in Japan

Cross Border Recruitment-Japan is part of the QUICK Group which has over 40 years of recruitment success in Japan, with more than 1,400 specialist staff across 6 countries. We can find suitable positions for students through our wide network.

For Japanese Language Students & Speakers

Find work using your Japanese language skills. We will support you throughout, including visa application up to the day you start work.

For students from Japan

Find work whilst studying abroad. Our service offers opportunities in most industry sectors.

For universities

We support your students who have studied Japanese to find work in Japanese companies.

For Japan recruiters

We support your hire of Japanese international students & speakers and those who have studied Japanese.

Take advantage of your Japanese language studies and find a job in Japan.

Build your career and professional expertise in a Japanese corporate environment.

Your language skills and expertise are in demand.

Japanese companies are looking for international Japanese language students & speakers.

Japanese companies are keen to recruit University students and Japanese speakers with an international outlook and Japanese language skills. Competition for new recruits with a global background is severe in Japan. With the 3rd highest GDP in the world and more than 70,000 businesses having already entered into international markets this competition will only increase further. Japanese companies need Japanese language students and speakers to bolster their competitiveness internationally.

By building your career experience in Japan you are laying strong foundations for your future.

Hone your career in an international business!

Cross Border Recruitment-Japan is a recruitment support service for those students seeking work using their Japanese language skills in Japan. Start building a successful career in international business. Living and working in Japan are the best way to learn Japanese language and join in unique cultural activities.

There may also be local opportunities for you.

The possibility exists to work in your home country.

Japanese companies are expanding their overseas business operations, opening many more branch offices and subsidiaries worldwide.

You will be supported by experienced consultants with intimate knowledge of Japanese culture who can guide you through finding work in Japan.

We are specialists within the Japanese job market.

We are able to provide you with 1 to 1 guidance on all Japan-specific recruitment stages

Find a job in Japan from overseas

Let's go to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya in Japan (Nihon)! Job opportunities arise in practically all industries, not just limited to finance, general trading companies (貿易 bo eki, 総合商社 sogo shosha), or consulting firms (コンサルタント). You can find a job while you are studying abroad without having to travel back to Japan.

We can connect you with thousands of Japanese companies

Cross Border Recruitment-Japan has over 38 years of recruitment success covering a wide range of roles and industries, including many Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies.

We provide you with opportunities to meet prospective employers

It can be hard to determine your future role from just attending a job fair or single interview. We can often provide the opportunity to meet local branch office staff without always having to return back to Japan.

You can receive advice from consultants at a convenient time

You can speak to our consultants without worrying about the Japan time difference. We are available via phone, Skype, at QUICK Group offices worldwide, or even on campus (by arrangement).

Find a job with a Japanese company while completing university studies

Our modern recruitment service utilises local office support, cutting-edge HR technology, and the industry's largest established customer base.

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Registration・Job consultation
Your students can either register or discuss their future career with us at our offices, online or at the university.
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Our service

Centre People & QUICK Group
The link between our London and Tokyo offices provides a unique and seamless professional service.
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Interview process・Japan work visas
Companies work with the QUICK Group to support interviews, and visa applications in conjunction with affiliated employment law firms.

A totally free service for students and universities


We promise to provide a professional and supportive service in line with your students’ career goals and ambitions. Cross Border Recruitment-Japan is committed to giving both students and prospective Japanese company employers a service which provides a positive outcome for all

Leverage our network of students and universities

Our global database comprises Japanese-speakers, Japanese language students and Japanese nationals studying abroad

QUICK Group is in the unique position of being able to take advantage of the skills of its permanent staff at its numerous overseas offices. We are well-positioned to introduce and recommend Japanese bilingual students at undergraduate and post-graduate level to meet all your hiring needs.

Boost your recruitment process by using the latest HR tech

Efficient recruitment supported by HR technology

Whilst face-to-face interviewing of candidates is highly desirable, there is an inherent time and financial burden to this. A simple CV cannot convey the personality or give significant insight into experience and character. Cross Border Recruitment-Japan has adopted the latest technology to support your company’s recruitment process, including the option of online aptitude testing, students’ self-introduction videos, and video interviews.

Tap into our international office locations to take advantage of our combined sourcing capabilities.

A simpler, quicker and more efficient route to filling your vacancies

Having difficulties with offer rejections and /or high staff turnover? Our local staff can liaise with your head / branch offices to ensure students have a more thorough understanding of your company and the role from the outset before accepting your offer. This has a greater chance of promoting longevity in employment and the best candidate match, when compared with typical remote recruitment or limited discussions at recruitment fairs.

Japan needs and is waiting to welcome new international staff from around the world

Cross Border Recruitment-Japan is a recruitment service supporting Japanese-speakers & students from all over the world seeking work in Japan

QUICK Group has over 40 years of recruitment success in Japan, with more than 1,400 specialist staff across 6 countries. We can find suitable positions for students through our wide network.

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Cross Border Recruitment-Japan is jointly operated by the QUICK Group and Centre People, QUICK Group’s London base. This service was established to support international Japanese-speaking students seeking work in Japan.

* Centre People was established in 1986 to provide a recruitment service to Japanese companies in the UK and Europe.

* QUICK Group is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with over 1,400 employees providing recruitment and information services to more than 80,000 corporate clients in Japan.

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